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Drink Coasters 


A drink coaster provides two very practical purposes. The first is protecting surface finishes, the second is proudly showcasing your Marine Identity front and center where the action lives. We offer disposable pulpboard coasters, cork back and a composite wood model. 

NOTE: Many models are available from leather to crystal, tile and even Italian Botticino Marble. These models are typically offered in higher quality and quantity orders which make for a great personalized guest gift and/or souvenir.   

Personalized Pulp Board Drink Coasters.

coaster Product Details:

3.5" Pulp Board Coasters. 

MODEL: CRD-487743

Qty:  2 -  $4.99 each. 
Qty:  4 -  $3.99 each.
Qty:  6 -  $2.99 each.
Qty: 12 - $1.99 each. 

Contact us for specials & significant discounts on larger quantity orders.

Personalized Cork Back Drink Coasters.

coaster  Product Details:

3.75" Cork Back Coasters. 

MODEL: CRK-445653 

Qty:  2 -  $6.99 each. 
Qty:  4 -  $4.99 each.
Qty:  6 -  $3.99 each. 
Qty: 12 - $2.99 each. 

Contact us for specials & significant discounts on larger quantity orders.

Personalized Mahogany Drink Coasters.

coaster  Product Details:

4.25" Mahogany Coasters. 

MODEL: MOH-464653 

Qty:  2 -  $11.99 each. 
Qty:  4 -  $9.99 each.
Qty:  6 -  $7.99 each. 
Qty: 12 - $5.99 each. 

Contact us for specials & significant discounts on larger quantity orders.



If you DO NOT have production ready artwork and REQUIRE a boat name logo design we offer 3 custom design packages to choose from. Existing customers and/or for individuals WITH PRODUCTION ARTWORK you may upload & order your personalized product(s) now. 


When this product is ordered with a Marine Identity design package and for existing customers, all setup fees are typically included with the above pricing. For new customer orders or for ANY artwork supplied that was not originally created by us; additional setup fees may be applicable.

boat lettering

vinyl design


"My representative Lisa was extremely helpful and professional. Her and the IBG team's attention to detail and creative experience has really helped us to create our own unique Marine Identity.

Thanks for a great job guys. - Larry Wright   A.K.A. Knot Dreamz
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